Fragments from Twenty Sixteen-An ECCENTRIC Year


“Am I the only one or 2016 was fairly awful for most of us?” These were the first thoughts while pondering over this new article.Good or “not good”, every day, month or an entire year has something to give us- lessons or memories, transient unfulfilled wishes or choices that’ll stay with us forever.
However, I still felt, “a glimpse” on what’s going to end, wouldn’t be that bad an idea.

Disclaimer: My mind is really elementary when it comes to framing a poem, and you can say so by reading what’s below, too. However, I tried pretty hard to convey my thoughts without changing the meaning behind it.
(P.S The last couple of lines are from my favorite novel, “When Breath Becomes Air.”  )

With exams round the corner,
There’s something every examinee will sulk over
and every examiner will treasure for,
Mixing the feeling of joy and sorrow together
this movie is going to be no less than a THRILLER

While Trump triumphed elections
and Indian billionaires became broke,
Sympathetic ideals witnessed
Corrupt masses mourn,
I thought money mattered more
Could never have seen it getting sore

We saw how bands played it COLD
Grabbed on tickets worth 25k being sold.
Tales of awards were getting sick,
Until LEO’s Oscar made it big.
Seemed as if Civil War was one big pride,
Bollywood’s in Hollywood made a remarkable stride.

Here, Potter-heads freaked over SEVERUS’s last, unlike
there, the Indian troops jollied over the surgical strike
Nonetheless Serena surpassed another Open,
Jordan didn’t fail to make a mark,
Music mourned over Bowie
the grief was felt by mass!

Denying and accepting all we could,
Counting on events that must’ve and should
stay as long as we would.
Birthdays, farewells, parties and unions
that kept our feet dancing like those of MINIONS….

New names unknown, old names gone
till time end bodies but souls none

So readers! Then make time while you be
but steps to your ETERNITY!!”


11 Replies to “Fragments from Twenty Sixteen-An ECCENTRIC Year”

      1. Hey, your posts are really amazing, especially the answers on your Blue Sky Tag, even I have to figure out who to nominate for the tag, it’s indeed a difficult task. Xd
        Anyway, I am a huge Sherlock fan too, actually rather Moriarty fan.. 🙂
        I couldn’t help but follow you back, I’d love to read more of your posts, keep posting xD

        Liked by 1 person

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