La Perspectiva


I didn’t intend to put this up “all planned” and neither did I intend for such a long time gap. You see my introduction states me as someone who should study abnormally for long hours, plus I’m an Indian, so that already increases the competition by three times.

To get a fair idea of our mellow population, try halting a metro by thirty minutes and you can  have another round of census right at the train station. What I meant by all this is that “It’s Populated” but it isn’t promising. The crowd I mean. It doesn’t bother to acknowledge your existence unless you stand out. You couldn’t go through any less of an identity crisis than you do being a student. I mean even our teachers recognize us from the batch we belong to, that’s like being equivalent to a sack of potatoes, we’re associated with a stock. Sigh!!

To begin with, let me ask you this, “Do we feel that we all are good people?” We do, right? But we are not good at all the time, like for some of us it’s situation-dependent.There comes a point when we are fed up and we feel repressing our emotions more would be unworthy. But does that mean we stop being good? We cannot! It’s not a “routine”, that one fine day we wake up and choose to not follow it. It’s nature. Your nature. And it’s permanent. If you are a good person you’ll always be one.It’s beyond your voluntary control.Your perception of your own self is but a mere delusion of what you always wanted to be.The human relation believes in the idea of give and take.Not that it is  bounded by it but it does seek, to some extent, a return, be it in favor or kind.Living and facing problems go hand in hand, it’s like a road that never  ends, but what makes you take a turn is your choice of tackling it. Either you feel every bit  of what it offers you or on the flip side you have the choice of creating a mockery .

Life will make fun of us every now and then, with that bit of underlying humor we can at least take most of it with grace.To sum it all, it’s similar to a game of UNO, where you are the player, sitting at one corner of the table with your set of cards and you have to hold on to your cards.You only pick one when it’s your turn and discard it when you’re done. Nobody can deal your cards better in anyway, and for that you just have to stay in the GAME!”


8 Replies to “La Perspectiva”

  1. As someone from another over-populated country, I fee you.

    But here’s the thing, even if your teacher equalize you with a sack of potato, you differentiate yourself. The fact that I am now reading your writing, reading a part of yourself, makes me live in a part of your world, not any other potato. Did I make any sense? If not, well, I guess it’s just my ramblings. :p

    Anyway congrats on graduating! I hope you’re ready for the next phase of UNO game. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha…The first statement though xxD
      Okay, yes it did make sense and I totally got what you were trying to say there 🙂 . By the way,the whole potato thing was an implied metaphor, so yeah… xD
      And thanks a lot, trying to get ‘ready’ for the next UNO game, and still figuring out how to wake up before noon 😛 😛 xP


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