This place is not just “rooms made of four walls and a roof”, it’s the arms of a loved  one. Walking through the huge gate of DPS, beside the lush green bushes of shapes I probably would have never seen before, my mind took me back in time, constantly. Twelve years ago, my younger self, walked from a land under clear sky to an overprotected building(now a place full of memories), I being one of those children, who are so scared on the first day that they don’t even cry!  The sight of all tiny students, (Yes! I probably was so tall then, even my classmates could call me “Didi”) crying, laughing, playing, jumping as if it were  their own, made me wonder, “How on earth are they so acquainted with this place, on the first day itself ?”(It was only when I realized later, the atmosphere here, it just welcomes you, however and whenever). I went to my classroom, first grade it was, my class teacher took me to the second floor and asked me to sit in a classroom that had taller individuals. WOW. I just got promoted to higher form right on the first day, because my class teacher jumped to the conclusion that I was probably too tall to be in first grade.Sigh. That doesn’t happen anymore!


Home is where you begin from and I began my journey from this place. I grew up learning, playing, laughing, falling and living, every bit of what it had in store for me, and it’s amazing how it never ran out of thrill. Running through the corridors, from elementary to middle school and finally, to the senior most class of higher secondary, not only did my mind got acquainted to the smallest of things, but the feeling of ‘belongingness’ became more concrete.The people around me that initially were nothing more than a “chaotic crowd” were now a part of my friend circle. From the teeth breaking ops-and-bats to the ankle breaking hockey games , from handball-turned-rugby matches to wrestling in the rain, from bus-mates and classmates with whom ‘pinky promises’ were the legitimate foundation of trust to mates who define ‘insanity’ in true sense, I believe, I lived a life here, a life I wouldn’t choose to experience anywhere else. (Though these few years, lately, were pathetic for real! The fun part being, when you are not “the only one”, I mean, honestly speaking, more than finding a solution to a problem, the more important thing is to know who all are stuck with you in the same boat, that is what increases one’s efficiency to pull themselves out of the trouble and if not, then… well drowning together, sounds fair-enough)!


I sat  in the school auditorium, a place I’ve seen being born six years ago, along with my fellow mates, enjoying the “farewell” . The feeling that it was going to end was so real that for once, I just wanted to believe in the delusion that I’m and I will be at the exact same place as I’ve been till now for let the time freeze. The truth is “the LOVE” here is unconditional , and your emotions never remain ‘unreciprocated’, it goes beyond pen, paper and words!!


17 Replies to “THE FAREWELL”

    1. Hey there…thanks a lot for that lovely feedback.. xD and I’ll surely be posting more. :’)
      I visited your blog and realized we have similar taste like adventures and “food” (of course!) yeah, you just gained a “new” follower there 🙂
      Keep posting, I’d love to read more of your blogs 😀

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  1. Hello!
    As I told you in my blog I was going to check out yours so, here I am! 😄
    I loved all your posts to be honest, but this one is the most I liked, you have such a beautiful writing and really easy to follow!
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!
    Welcome here😃

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  2. Hii there!
    I like how you have tried to fit those 12 years in this post. Farewell is always a very special moment.

    I’ll also have my farewell next month from our college. But Farewell by school is a special one.

    All the best for the new phase of your life.

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