quicksquare_201810141431221Do you believe people sound smarter when they use big words?
-Me neither!
So, here I begin with something simple and sophisticated, a bit of me and my perspective, (because rest you’ll surely find in my writings!)

I am a Pre-med, trying to make the best of every single day, in the most thrilling way possible, though I have to restrict myself to follow a monotonous routine wherein my walls have more of Anatomy and Morphology of Human body than “Quotes.” An ambivert, of varying form, more like being similar to “Carbon” you know, it has high catenation property, although mine is a bit “situation-dependent.” For me, “Efforts” and “Humor” will always be attractive.Also, I stand six feet from the ground and I am NOT A MODEL ,neither do I intend to become one. I like my “Tallness” trait more for shooting the ball inside the rim. My ultimate love is “FOOD” and I am a crazy fan of ANIME (because real life people often do not interest me xD).The only thing that motivates me is “the fear of being average” and hence I would never settle for anything less than what I deserve, however hard the journey gets….  

“When everything is at bay, and nothing goes my way, I know there’ll still be something that’ll stay, a constant. And it’s this: My writing! “
-Me (xD)
I’m here to learn, unlearn and re-learn and so I will be happy to have any of you letting me know more about my writing, blogging or anything, from feedback to suggestions, everything will be highly appreciated…



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