Walking that “extra” mile from Ordinary…..

Inertia.The tendency of any body to maintain the state of rest or motion in which it already is.

We all seem to have adapted that emotionally as well. All of us are obsessed with the idea of being at the exact same place where we were once. Rather this should’ve been the fear of mankind what we can call as ‘ not growing!’

What is this obsessive need to resist changes that comes to us. Why at all?

I’ll tell you why.

That’s because we fear instability!

A human being spends his entire life acquiring all the basic necessities to finally reach the highest level of hierarchy -” self actualisation”- the most peaceful stage and that’s why there’s no point in letting any change come in and disrupt the mental and emotional harmony. Even biology defines a living being as something that shouldn’t be in equilibrium at all.

We know how transient our life is and so is our approach to find the meaning of it.

No, seriously! How many of us and how often do we think over the meaning of existence and the reason for living at every point in our life?

We don’t.

It’s when in midnight, our subconscious runs short of reminding us of all our embarrassing moments that we decide to reflect upon our life for a second of a minute.

Most of the time we are insanely drowning in the sea of our desires and guilts for not reaching high enough to fulfill our dreams. Only these unwanted moments make us think of deep stuff because on the other hand we are usually whining over why we got less marks, or how could we have procrastinated less and why isn’t there a Season 5 of Sherlock. This is in fact human and sane .

I say, if something is transient why not make the most of it, than to find the real evident purpose behind it , reflect upon that and then act.

Basically, what I mean by all this is why are we so awfully careful?

Why are we afraid to ruin it?

Because there’s only one life. What ? No.. Why are we insanely afraid of taking risks?

Why not give ourselves a fourth chance why just one or two? Because that’s normal.

Why work according to the rule book ? Why not create our own user manual? Because that’s what everyone has been doing.

Why only have one profession? Why can’t someone be a painter whilst practicing surgery? Because no one ever tried that.


If looked upon, it seems as if we are just clearing stages off our life to present a clean resume to Him, on the final day at the last minute.

Even in that case why is the resume supposed to be professional why can’t it deviate from the format? Because we are afraid we might end up in hell.

Why is it that we are constantly driven by our ego and rediculously trapped under the constant vigilance of our super ego.

Why can’t we, for once, accept the fact that we all have ‘instincts‘ which can pull us to do anything at the moment? So why can’t we express them more often and fullfil some of them ,if not all? Let your own self be constant and let your instincts flow . It’s not necessary you’d also get carried away but at the same time don’t be too watchful so as when years later you sit with your grandkids you’d find yourselves reading tales from ‘their storybooks’ just because your brain ran out of all you had!!!

Here’s an advice:- Giving yourself twenty chances and not putting effort in even one, and then pointing towards this post as the reason for your twenty-first chance is foolishness.

“Try only as long as you feel your best hasn’t COME UP.

But push yourself to your limit, or past it sometimes for as long as your best doesn’t SHOW UP!!”

All your limits are self imposed. There are times , when people set up your boundaries even before you realize you have one…..



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