Let’s talk about doctors….

Okay, so before I actually begin writing about this, let me tell you, this post of mine will mainly cover a recent issue that has taken aback almost all my countrymen and many more, of course, if they know about this.

I mean obviously there’s a lot you can talk about being a doctor or aspiring to become one. A noble profession that  it is known to be, from working one’s arse off day and night to stuffing our brains with all the possible information so as to minimize (remove, to be precise) the probability of any mishap, at least due to lack of knowledge.

When people look up to you, have faith in you and depend on you for their lives is when you actually realise that you’ve done things worthwhile and trust me even though I haven’t been in that place yet (I’m still a pre med) the thought of it gives me goosebumps!!

Not everyone gets a ‘thank you’ that comes straight from people’s heart!! We? Yes we get that! At that moment we realise all those 1000 pages books that we mugged up every semester weren’t a torture, all that knowledge that we’ve gained till now while my Long Island buddies were paragliding, wasn’t painful. They were all worth it. They were beautiful and they’ll always be.

When I imagine myself as a doctor, I don’t think of my life as only mine. Its basically an oath:- “To sacrifice my life happily serving others.” When in a medical emergency, I’ll run even if my head hurts, I’ll hurry even if I am tired and in pain or even if I am at that perfect point wherein the love of my life is on his knees right before me. I have to. It’s about bringing an unconscious back to senses, it’s about a life, its about what I gave in for, I might just make up for everything else later.

Before taking medical, I was raised as a child who used to sleep for straight 10 hours, and a bit in installments later, more casually called as “afternoon naps.”  I used to study for just  2-3 hours daily (because CBSE is one heck of an academic board which pampers you more than your Grandma until 10th grade, and then stabs you henceforth) and still slayed in my sheets. I used to eat as much as I’d want, all junkies, as I was one of those kids who did not grow fat despite stuffing day and night. (Thanks to my metabolism. No hates please, I’m not that kid anymore, I now gain 5 pounds just by looking at a pizza advertisement).

After getting into this stream I realized how life is never supposed to be this easy and perfect. In fact, I wasn’t even living a life till now, I was living in a delusion. What I am living now, is life. It’s not firm, it has big rocks , it throws you out of your way, it is unpredictable, it shows no light to your destination, it is unknown, it shows no mercy! And I, crying, laughing, lounging had to accept it all and live in every moment it offered me. I had to. It’s not an option, it’s life, you either get one or you don’t.

Sometimes  I feel I’m only made of bones and blood.

I’m brittle, I break a bit, I get tired, I sleep a bit, I feel low, I cry a bit,I have emotions, they show up a bit, I have feelings, I care a bit, I am concerned but I might ignore a bit, I am selfish, selfless a bit, I have bad times, I err a bit and when I hate reality, I die a bit.

When I am blood, I flow, I’m red, when I am everywhere, I love a bit, I am energetic, I am enthusiastic, I am vibrant, when I am confident, I radiate a bit, I am proud, when I am happy, I laugh a bit and when I accept them all, I live a bit.

The recent news breaks all of us from within. It’s about a strike that our doctors are on because of their security problem!! How many of you can imagine doctors being in danger ??The ones who save your life have their life in trouble!!

For those of you, (actually the good human beings), who have no idea about what’s happening in fewer parts of the world, let me give you a gist .

Its about 2016:-

“A patient is brought to the hospital with infected maggots .The doctors try their best to save the already dead, but as soon as they declare the patient clinically dead,  the relatives thrashed the shit out of the doctors, they even got bruises and scars all over them because they could not save a Dead Man.”

Isn’t it the best gift a doctor can get??!!

Okay here’s a question:- Do you think that the doctors purposely delay on the treatment  just to step out of the operation theatre and announce someone to be dead??Do you not see the efforts that they put in?

Our parents did not raise us to be thrashed by some nonsense mob who probably do not even know how important it is to be healthy. Our parents did not support us throughout years of our tedious medical journey to be beaten up! We know our job. Where were you when the maggots had ‘just’ infected the patient? You were busy ignoring the condition until it got dead serious.

Here’s an advice from a pre med- If you think life is not beautiful, you can die, but at least don’t die of ignorance.

Why don’t you thrash the people who throw their female child in garbage?

Why don’t you trash those children who leave their old parents in the hospital?

Why don’t you trash the rapists and the murderers?

Why do you thrash the people who try to help you?

Do you even know how much clumsy and monotonous our life  is supposed to be for getting a title of “Doctor” before our name?

Sleepless for days, doing night duties, studying till our last breath, performing operations carefully, being an expertise, to help you out, not to be thrashed but to be respected.You think that the death of one person doesn’t affect a doctor’s life because we go through a lot of deaths everyday ? But you are so wrong.Just because we are acquainted with the idea of  death doesn’t mean we do not understand the pain linked with it .

It takes more than a normal human alimentary gut to have been so close with the feeling of life and death and still manage to pull people out of it.

When I open my eyes and ears all I hear is, “this is my mother, this is my sister, this is my husband, this is my son..please do something!!”  You differentiate blood, we don’t. We can’t. For us it sounds more like, “save him, save her, save them, save them all, quick!”

The human inside you probably might even die when it’ll come to your blood relations and their priorities, but the human inside us remains for as long as we live, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so easy to get over the fact that somebody in need, (a mere stranger) died, during a surgery and I was helpless. It takes more than just healing to get over it. It takes more than,”I’m sorry, but I tried all I could. I wish I could do something.” This is all we say, but it’s more than that. So much more.

Now we shan’t stuff your kidney up to your throat and ask you to respire from them, should we?

We don’t want you to consider us as gods, or even next to Him, or appreciate us everyday and brag about us to the whole world.

We would like to be respected. That’s all.

images (4)

Yes, all the doctors are on strike and I support their decision.

P.S : For all the patriotic souls out there feeling I’m saying way too much against my countrymen:- Like all organisms, no country is perfect. We are all striving to be one, though. Every country does some insensitive things, knowing or unknowingly. Some bomb other countries some kill their own countrymen. We are all on the same boat, trying to be wiser whilst taking dummy decisions. Let’s see who gets luckier!!!


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