Hello everyone!! We meet again. You read and I babble!

Frankly speaking, I ain’t actually one of those who constantly get awards pinned on their profiles. It has not been long since I joined WordPress, I recently completed an year on this wonderful platform, though my choice of profession chose to not leave me alone with my thoughts ever, because I’m constantly in a relationship with my books ever since I remember, so couldn’t give much attention to this.

I casually opened my account to check on my stats just to realize Anya A  (Your Average Peahead) nominated me for “The Blue Sky Tag” and I’m extremely thankful to her for this.

(To Anya) – As I have been reading all your posts so far, they just win my heart, all the time. In fact, they are all that I’ve ever thought of but couldn’t convey.

(To y’all)- Wonderful and a passionate blogger that she is, I’m sure you shouldn’t be missing out on her blog , and trust me it’s going to grab your attention till the end.

Coming back to this tag, according to the rules, I further have to nominate fellow bloggers ,which by the way, is the hardest thing to do.*Sigh*

I mean for once you go like,” Can I just copy paste my entire following list!!”, they all are so amazing. xD

Anyway, keep passing this tag on, it’s fun this way(no pun intended) !! Obviously its my first time so I’ll basically get a chance to brag… seriously, IT’S FUN!! xD

Here are the RULES of the tag:

Thank the person who nominates you. (Yes,yes)

Give 11 questions

Tag 11 people

Answer the 11 questions given to you

Here are the ANSWERS to the questions given to me:

1)What’s your favorite cookie?

A– Look, I have trust issues and I’ve been betrayed by raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies !!  Else, every cookie is favorite.

2)Cann you do a headstand? (If yes, Woooooooah!)

A–To be honest, I’ve never tried it and I really have this feeling even if I did, I won’t even be halfway up in the air before gravity will pull me back to where I really belong,the ground!!

3)How good are you at cooking? Do you like it?

A–Honest confession:-  I removed my hobby as cooking when Maggie was banned so yeah, see? By the way since I am a foodie I’d love to learn to cook , to satisfy my gratification when my tummy howls at night, religiously!

4)What’s one book you could read every year and never get tired of?

A–TheAlchemist by Paulo Coelho.

5)Who’s the one person you’d call at 4 am, telling them you need a burger asap?

A–Literally all my puppies a.k.a my buddies are big time hoggers , and there’s no way they’ll ever make a burger for me at 4, or even if they do, let’s suppose, it’ll be eaten long before it reaches me. I’ll rather find a substitute, myself xD.

6)What made you start blogging?

A– Science, choosing to become a Doctor, made me know more about my deeper self that often doesn’t show up. With that many number of ups and downs I think I somewhere discovered myself, my needs, my desires and to what extent I can go to achieve my goals. It made me introspect and reflect upon my flaws which made me step up on this platform.

7)Have you achieved any of the goals your younger self set?

A–The minor ones? Yes I did, the major one? I’ll be there soon!! *wink*.

8)What’s the first place that pops in your head if I said I’d fund your trip to wherever that is? And why?

A–Australia, it’s one heck of a beautiful place that has to be on your bucket list. Plus it ain’t that crowded , which I admire a lot in any place, as I belong to a country that just counts on it’s citizens in billions!!! You can fund my trip to London too, I can never express how much heavenly I’d feel being at 221B Baker’s Street.

9)On a scale of one to ten, how temperamental are you? If you think it’s bad, and want to simmer down, how do you plan on doing that?                                 A–Normally it’s 4 or 5. With exams nearing, it can shoot up to 8 seriously. I really despise when annoying duds come to my place for no apparent reason. Oh no wait they have a reason, they have to be annoying. And honestly, I despise that phase of mine wherein I’m so volatile that I end up scewing things up for me. I would definitely like to change that. But since now I have more exams than the number of working days in an year, I’ve made my peace with it. Basically I’ll stick to 4.

10)What’s something you’d like to tell someone but can’t right now?

A–There are a lot of things I would want to say but I cannot .Ever. Not just right now, but never! Somethings are better left unsaid. I’d rather have their own realization sink upon them.

11)Give me one good word to describe yourself. (Make it reaaaaally good.)

A– I  am ambitious when to comes to food, so you can call me FOOMBITIOUS!! Heh.

—— My nominations:-



Mandibelle 16
-Petiteexothermic (A new blogger though)

My set of questions are:-

1) What is your favorite T.V series?

2)Why did you start blogging?

3) Which is the most underrated pet animal?

4)A song that describes your personality.

5)Do you care about what people think of you?

6)What is that one trait that distinguishes you from others?

7)If you were allowed to kill any 3 people, who’d they be ?

8)Your funniest childhood memory.

9)Who is that one celebrity you wish to hook up with?

10) What makes your day?

11) What makes you feel proud about yourself?

P.S If I didn’t mention any of your names, my deepest apologies.

As I’ve already mentioned I wanted to copy- paste my entire ‘following’ list, but this tag sets a limit. *Pfft*

Nevermind, I finally finished my task!! Now over to you all. I’d love to read your posts soon xD.


11 Replies to “THE BLUE SKY TAG”

  1. Anyone ever experienced the joy of reading a post very casually and randomly seeing your name on the nomnom list!
    Loved ya answers and you seem to a be a very cheerful bubbly chirpy being!
    Thank you for the nomnom sweetheart! 😙✌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yasss. You’ve done those questions much justice. Absolutely loved reading this. And hon, if I could, I’d fund both of our trips to Australia. I feel you with the whole I live in a country filled neck high with people.
    Anyway you have a great day xD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha. Your answers are hilarious. I never heard someone getting betrayed by a cookie. 😛 😀 One question to all the doctors What instigates you to become bloggers? One compliment too “Doctors as bloggers seem much more fun to be with”. Keep writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thanks a lot xD
      The thing with doctors is, their friends send them pictures saying “Yolo Skydiving” and we are here like “Yeah yolo Anatomy” xD That’s why blogging. Hah.
      Ahh, and thank you for that wonderful compliment,
      Have a nice day and keep up with your posts, they are wonderful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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