2Ask not what our destined term of years,
Mine and yours, nor scan the tables of your Babylonish 
You see all what’s happening in front of you without even watching it.
At times in this fast moving world you stop just to realize where you’re headed towards, maybe it’s the wrong way or maybe the rare maybe it’s the right one or maybe just crowded. Will you keep moving? Will you keep burning your soul in the dreadful fire of this bogus world, that’s moving too fast, leaving you where you are? You look around yourself and realize its so blur. But you know your thoughts aren’t, they are just buried waiting for you to dig them out and then move.
Sometimes you have to stop complaining and start doing though it’ll give you thousand reasons to not do so but try finding one worth doing and here’s where the irony lies-
sometimes you don’t have an option and other you can’t follow one.
Nobody knows what talent feels like? It might be as empty as you feel or maybe as filled as you are. It might be underlying and you don’t know where. Will you still keep trying? For once you may not, until you are sure of success. There has to be something ignited in you, something that has burnt you from within and you still wonder if that’s how fire feels like.
Take its warmth and impregnate the souls around you, because someone once said “Carpe diem” is the best thing one can do.


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